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Explore your groovy side!

Live Online Dance & Zumba Classes

Our Sessions are Conducted LIVE by expert instructors with one strong focus- Fun and Engagement

  • Experience the joy of movement & creative rhythms.
  • Helps in the growth of your mental, physical & overall development.
  • Certificate from International Dance Council, UNESCO, Paris.

AGE- 6-14
& Adults

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Online Bollywood Dance

Online Bollywood Classes

There is no greater joy than dancing to well-known Bollywood songs.

Online HipHop Dance

Online HipHop Classes

It’s time to establish a rhythm in your child and help them move to the trendiest hip-hop music.

Online Bhangra Dance

Online Bhangra Classes

The king of dances, Bhangra, gives you a rush of adrenaline and inspires you to dance with all your heart and soul.

Online Semi-Classical Dance

Online Semi-Classical Classes

At DanceVance, we believe that dance is for everyone. Our semi-classical dance sessions are open to all.

Join in & learn crazy moves that are applied to create stunning choreographies and Dance Workouts

The hidden language of the soul. Physical, emotional, and mental health of all can be developed by engaging them in creative movements. And here comes the best part- Dance Vance Platform is a fantastic way to let excitement and energy out & we are here to do the same:)
Our courses are accessible to each & everyone, without any prior knowledge of the form as there are no levels in any of the courses. This free-flow approach will contribute in developing your talent and will encourage the creative side

Dance Vance Artwork
1 Month

(8 sessions)

3 Month's

(24 sessions)

6 Month's

(48 sessions)


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Dance Vance is a group of enthusiastic people who teaches dance and zumba online to all age groups (Kids & Audlts) & share the goal of enhancing learning ability by making it enjoyable. Our objective is to inspire and equip students so they can pursue their passion and develop into driven, well-rounded individuals.
We offer varied dance forms from all over the aboard through online LIVE classes Checkout our sessions page for more details.
Our sessions are designed to be an engaging learning experience for you or your child. Prior training is not necessary to be a part of any session at Dance Vance.
Sessions are conducted online in the digital Dance Vance Room, which is a collaborative space equipped with LIVE features, interactive whiteboards, etc. to make the sessions more productive & fun. We believe in live interactive sessions between learners and mentors where sessions are taught integrating images, illustrations, videos and games/activities making it so much more fun & exciting!
All our sessions are conducted live or in real time by highly trained experts in small batches. The ratio of teacher to learners is 1:5, ensuring that you can get maximum attention and interactive feedback. This helps you progressively learn & improve. These sessions are held on an interactive platform Dance Vance Room.

Insights from our students

Holistic DANCE Development

  • Imbibes discipline in students through regular practices & stage performances.

  • Through movement, students learn how to present themselves with utmost confidence & positive attitude.

  • Dancing is a great way to explore, learn & indulge in new things about the form & your life.

  • Create, express & connect with your peers in a unique way.

  • Dance helps in building emotional skills & expressing emotions confidently.


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