About Us


Who We Are?

Started with a vision to create a holistic, fun & effective space for all age groups to explore their creative side through the medium of extra-curricular activities and today we are here with our digital platform- Dance Vance! We are a group of enthusiastic people who teach dance to all ages & share the goal of enhancing everyone's learning ability by making it enjoyable. Our objective is to inspire and equip students so they can pursue their passion and develop into driven, well-rounded individuals.


What We Do?

By incorporating fresh information and reiterating previously learned abilities in an environment that is safe for collaboration and co-creation, we adhere to the constructivist approach to holistic learning. We think that extracurricular activities are essential to helping everyone reach their full potential when they are taught in a disciplined and systematic way.
In order to offer a fun, dynamic, and captivating holistic learning experience, Dance Vance courses are curated for everyone, without any levels of learning. We have created a strong developed platform the focal point of which is our students & dancing!


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy stands strong- Dream Limitless, Dance Fearless!

Everything you desire is said to be on the other side of fear. So, in order to conquer it, you must GROOVE FEARLESS!

Extra-Curricular activities are great way to relieve stress and have fun, many people have difficulty letting themselves go on the floor. Dance Vance seeks to address this issue in the most fun imaginable way, whether it's because they are self-conscious about how they look or because they don't know how to perform the right moves.

Our healthy approach reinforces existing abilities while introducing new information by using a secure environment to create something new.

Prepare to dance, do Zumba or Yoga with a fearless spirit and create limitless dreams with your feet:)

Anish Jha

Anish Jha

Meet the MAN behind the vision…

The brain behind this innovative idea & our company director, Anish Jha caught the entrepreneurial bug in 2015. Having been attached to dancing since 2012 & eventually specialising in Bollywood & Hip-Hop, Anish has been creating astounding choreographies, closely worked with prominent Bollywood artists and large production companies, and served as a facilitator to instruct the next generation of dancers in wild manoeuvres. He is a national level Gold Medalist Choreographer and Member of International Dance Council, UNESCO.

Armed with this invaluable experience & a degree in B.Sc, he launched his greatest experiments of all times- Dance Vance LTD in 2022.

Meet our Featured Dance Mentors.

ASHU Yadav

Ashu Yadav

Dance instructor, Performer, Curriculum designer you can choose your way to describe Ashu. She has been working in the industry since 2017 as a dancer and performer and she started working as a professional Dance instructor in 2018 and has been teaching dance in various Schools and organisations.

She is a former dance instructor of Shiamak Davar International India.Ashu is honoured to share her knowledge to our Dance Vance students.

Dhaval Yadav

Dhaval Chande

Dhaval is a Curriculum designer and Professional dance Educator with IB PYP, MYP, DP, IGCSE, and CBSE experience and Former Asst. Dance choreographer in SDIPA. He is also a Certified PYP Dance Facilitator and a Certified MYP - CAT 1 and CAT 2 Instructor. Certified Zumba Instructor, Bokwa Instructor, Reebok Step Instructor, and British Council Educator.

He is a trained dance teacher with strong motivational skills and he also has experience in teaching traditional dances to students.


Karan Khilare

A tenacious choreographer who has experience working with actors and dancers of all ages and skill levels. Adept in planning live performances, assisting with the incorporation of costumes and props into performances, and fast developing routines, with a focus on large-scale theatre shows and demonstrations performed in public spaces.

Karan has worked as a dance instructor for some well-known Bollywood actors and singers for the Bollywood entertainment industry.