Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Vance is a group of enthusiastic people who teaches dance and zumba online to all age groups (Kids & Audlts) & share the goal of enhancing learning ability by making it enjoyable. Our objective is to inspire and equip students so they can pursue their passion and develop into driven, well-rounded individuals.

We offer varied dance forms from all over the aboard through online LIVE classes Checkout our sessions page for more details.

Our sessions are designed to be an engaging learning experience for you or your child. Prior training is not necessary to be a part of any session at Dance Vance.

Yes! Dance Vance Ltd is a proud member of the International Dance Council, UNESCO, Paris. We offer an international certification from CID-UNESCO to all the learners who have completed a 12-month session in Bollywood, Bhangra or Hip Hop Dance.

The International Dance Council is an official organisation recognised globally. Dance Vance is a proud member of the International Dance Council, UNESCO, Paris or CID UNESCO. To get this exclusive certificate with your child’s name, you must complete 12-month sessions in Bollywood, Bhangra or Hip-Hop dance at Dance Vance Ltd.

Ssessions are conducted online in the digital Dance Vance Room, which is a collaborative space equipped with LIVE features, interactive whiteboards, etc. to make the sessions more productive & fun. We believe in live interactive sessions between learners and mentors where sessions are taught integrating images, illustrations, videos and games/activities making it so much more fun & exciting!

All our sessions are conducted live or in real time by highly trained experts in small batches. The ratio of teacher to learners is 1:5, ensuring that you can get maximum attention and interactive feedback. This helps you progressively learn & improve. These sessions are held on an interactive platform Dance Vance Room.

We have 3 exciting plans for you to choose from. You can choose from 1 month, 3 months and 6 months plan. Each plan has its own unique progressive curriculum. To know more about the pricing of each level, please visit the our sessions page on our website.

We teach choreographies on popular and trending songs as well as some all time favourites. To know the exact song you can read more about the course curriculum on the session detail pages.

We encourage learners to wear comfortable outfits and shoes for their dance sessions. It will enable them to learn and practice with ease and perform better.

Our sessions have been designed for learners to become independent and practice on their own. If any part of the course or session requires assistance, you will be informed in advance. Parents are always welcomed to watch their child perform!

Every 8th session, we hold a performance event for all the children. We teach them stage etiquettes, suitable outfits and build their confidence to help them perform in front of anyone!

Yes, since the learners can participate in sessions from the safety and comfort of their homes on our secure audio-video platform Dance Room.

Our sessions are designed to be engaging, fun and made for maximum interaction. That’s why you will find a maximum of 5 students per session. Also, a great way to make new friends!