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96 LIVE Sessions | Level free Learn the professional way! Get a Completion Certificate from International Dance Council, UNESCO, Paris

The king of dances, Bhangra, gives you a rush of adrenaline and inspires you to dance with all your heart and soul. Everyone enjoys this lively dance form, and its grandeur and zeal are unavoidable. It will not only help you in building up your confidence but will also make you develop a vibrant outlook towards life, free from any sort of shyness, fear & judgement. So, if you love to groove constantly and dance to the beats of the dhol, it will be a rhythmic space for you!

Dance Vance

Age Group

  • 6-8 Years
  • 9-11 Years
  • 12-14 Years
  • Adult's

About the Course.

  • 2

    Sessions per Week

  • 55

    Minutes per Sessions

  • 5

    Learners per Batch

For our enthusiastic students, the Bhangra dance sessions are especially created by fun-loving, knowledgeable & skilled professionals in the field of this larger-than-life dance form. This energetic & fun-filled dance relieves stress and has the health benefits of a cardio workout, such as burning calories, improving heart function, and increasing stamina. It is designed to foster a love of movement and to help students become more active, mentally & physically healthy & share the joy of togetherness with others. By encouraging your kid to respond to music and express themselves via their bodies, we are able to channel their natural inclination through this course. For a deep and fulfilling interaction with the material, the dance foundation sessions incorporate free flow of bodies on desi Punjabi beats. By the end of the sessions, the students will be able to design their own moves, be more expressive & happy and self-assured. At the conclusion of the course, your child will also get a certificate of completion.

What you’ll get/ Key Takeaways

Live Feedback In Dance-Room

Practice Resources in your Student Dashboard

One-on-one live feedback from the instructor

International Dance Certificate from UNESCO

Famous Styles for Online Bhangra Dance

  • Shoulder Shrugs.

  • Lehria

  • Sheesha

  • Dhamaal

  • Korha

  • Chaffa

  • Jhumar

  • Bedi

  • Bhangra jumps And Tari


Certificate from The International Dance
Council, UNESCO, Paris
on completing the 12 month course

  • Imbibes discipline in students through regular practices & stage performances.

  • Through movement, students learn how to present themselves with utmost confidence & positive attitude.

  • Dancing is a great way to explore, learn & indulge in new things about the form & your life.

  • Create, express & connect with your peers in an unique way.

  • Dance helps in building emotional skills & expressing emotions confidently.


Your Plan, Your Way

  • 1 Month

    (8 sessions) £18.00/class

  • 3 Month's

    (24 sessions) £16.00/class

  • 6 Month's

    (48 sessions) £14.00/class

Frequently Asked Questions

Bhangra is a lively and energetic folk dance that originated in the Punjab region of India. It is a traditional dance form that has been practiced for centuries and is deeply rooted in the cultural and agricultural celebrations of the Punjabi people. Bhangra is not only a dance but also a form of music that includes traditional Punjabi folk instruments such as the dhol (drum), tumbi (string instrument), and dholak (another type of drum).

Virtual Platform: Dance Vance has its own virtual platform where the live classes take place. As a Learner, you will need to sign up and log in to this platform to access the classes. Age Groups: The Online Bhangra dance classes are designed for all age groups, so you can choose a class that best fits your age and skill level. Domain Experts: The classes are taught by domain experts who are experienced and skilled in Bhangra dance. These instructors will guide you through the dance routines and provide personalized feedback and assistance during the sessions. Schedule: Dance Vance will have a schedule of live classes available on their platform. You can select the class timings that suit your availability and enroll in those sessions. Live Instruction: During the live classes, the instructor will demonstrate various Bhangra dance steps and routines. You'll be able to see and follow along with the instructor in real time. The classes may also include interactive elements, allowing you to ask questions or seek clarification during the session. Practice Resources: Apart from the live classes, Dance Vance provides practice resources like practice audio, video, and recordings of the classes. These resources will be accessible to you in your student dashboard. This way, you can review the material and practice at your own convenience outside of the live sessions. Certification: If you complete 96 live sessions with Dance Vance, you will be eligible to receive an international certificate from UNESCO, acknowledging your dedication and progress in Bhangra dance.

At Dance Vance, we use our own video-calling web app for conducting virtual dance sessions. When you enroll in our classes and log in to our website, you can access the web app from the calendar section. Simply choose the scheduled session you wish to attend, and with a click, you will be redirected to our video-calling web app. It's a seamless and convenient way to join our live online dance classes and start your dance journey with us!

At Dance Vance we offer live online bhangra dance classes for both individuals and groups. we ensure a high level of personalized attention by limiting each batch to a maximum of 5 learners. This allows our skilled instructors to focus on each participant's specific needs and progress, ensuring an enriching and effective learning experience. Whether you choose individual or group sessions, you can be assured of quality instruction and a supportive dance environment.

To participate in the live online Bollywood dance classes at Dance Vance, you'll need a tablet or laptop/desktop with a working webcam and microphone, an internet connection, a space to move freely, and a water bottle for hydration.

Yes, learners can book a free trial class with Dance Vance. without the need for providing any credit card information. This allows prospective students to experience a demo session before committing to a full course. It's a great opportunity to get a taste of the live online Bhangra dance classes and decide if it's the right fit for them. Enjoy the trial class and discover the joy of dancing with Dance Vance

We have 3 exciting plans for you to choose from. You can choose from 1 month, 3 months and 6 months plan. Each plan has its own unique progressive curriculum. To know more about the pricing of each level, please visit the (our sessions) page on our website.

Absolutely! If you happen to miss any live sessions of the Bollywood dance classes at Dance Vance due to time constraints or other commitments, you will have access to recorded class sessions. These recordings will be available for you to view at your convenience in your student dashboard. This way, you can catch up on any content you may have missed and continue your learning journey. Additionally, Dance Vance understands that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes rescheduling becomes necessary. They offer the option to reschedule your live sessions, allowing you to find a time that better suits your schedule without missing out on the learning experience. With these flexible options, you can make the most of your dance classes and progress at your own pace. Happy dancing!

Yes, during the live online Bhangra dance classes at Dance Vance, you will receive personalized feedback from the instructors. The instructors are domain experts with a focus on providing individual attention and guidance to each participant. As you participate in the live sessions and practice the dance routines, the instructors will observe your movements and progress. They will offer feedback, corrections, and encouragement to help you improve your dance techniques and performance. This personalized feedback is an essential aspect of the learning process, as it allows you to receive direct guidance tailored to your specific needs and areas of improvement. It enhances your learning experience and ensures that you get the most out of each class. With the support and expertise of the instructors at Dance Vance you'll have the opportunity to refine your skills, build confidence in your dancing, and enjoy a rewarding dance journey.